Frequently asked Questions

“Who has access to the information that I upload?”

Only people with your account login have access to the uploaded information.

“Are people with memory loss supposed to use Nostalgia on their own?”

Nostalgia is not intended to be used solely by the person with memory loss. The interactive experience is designed to be led by a family member or caregiver during the time spent together.

 “Where does the music come from?”

Nostalgia has several playlists that come with the account and users have the option to upload their music.

“Where do the videos come from?”

Users can find videos on YouTube (such as; old tv shows, sporting events, etc.) and upload their family videos.

“How do I upload to Nostalgia?”

Nostalgia will have a step by step guide on the homepage for uploading information and implementing the therapies.

“What is the benefit of Nostalgia if we already use other forms of memory therapy?

The benefit of Nostalgia is that it combines the most effective memory therapies into one application. Having all the therapies in one place makes it easy to change therapies during the time spent together. This easy transition helps to keep your loved one engaged and the shared activities improve the quality of time spent together.

“Are all of Nostalgia’s features included with the subscription?”

All features are included with the subscription for no additional cost.

“Who creates the profile?”

It is recommended that the family works together to gather information and create a personal profile. Working together during this stage is a great way for the family to reminisce and come together to support their loved ones.

“What kind of memory loss is Nostalgia intended for?”

Nostalgia is designed to reconnect families with loved ones with memory loss, but more specifically, for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

“How much does Nostalgia cost?”

As of now, Nostalgia has not been finalized. However, it will be a subscription-based service. We are estimating the cost to be between $10-$20 per month. The first month of Nostalgia is free and you can cancel your subscription at any time.